Loaded Tots – $6.99

Cheddar, chive, and sour cream infused tots topped with nacho cheese sauce, bacon, chive, and sour cream.


Popcorn Shrimp – $7.49

Crispy battered fried shrimp drizzled with your favorite sauce


Chips and Salsa  $4.99

House-made Tortilla Chips with house-made salsa.

Nacho cheese sauce  $2.00


Mozzarella Sticks  $7.49

Served with house-made marinara.


Onion Rings  $6.99

Served with ranch dipping sauce.


Pork Egg Rolls  $7.49

Served with Sweet Thai Chili sauce.


House-Made Hand Cut Fries or Chips  $6.49

Toss in dry rub  $1.00

Loaded with cheese & bacon  $2.00

Chili Cheese Fries  $3.00


Oven-Baked Pretzels  $6.99

Served with cheese sauce for dipping.


Cheese Curds  $5.99

Served with house-made marinara.


Quesadilla $8.99

A flour tortilla with cheese, peppers & onions.

Served with salsa & sour cream.

Add chicken, taco beef or pork  $3.00


Nachos $10.99

House-made tortilla chips topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & jalapenos.  Choice of cheese sauce or shredded cheese.  Served with sour cream & house-made salsa.